• Question: did you like school?

    Asked by anon-327630 on 22 Jun 2022. This question was also asked by anon-329692.
    • Photo: Patrick Campbell

      Patrick Campbell answered on 22 Jun 2022:

      Loved Primary school, secondary school was more of a challenge/struggle, unsavory characters spoiled my experience, although I loved the school trips abroad.

    • Photo: Maria Maclennan

      Maria Maclennan answered on 24 Jun 2022:

      I loved school! I know not a lot of people do. I loved the subjects I studied at school (I did lots of creative things like art, design, woodwork, metalwork, and tech studies), so I tried to get out of school what I was most interested in. I did get bullied a bit, which wasn’t very nice – but I think it helped prepare me for later in life, as I learned how to stand up for myself!