• Question: are you real scientists

    Asked by anon-301814 on 15 Oct 2021.
    • Photo: Albane Imbert

      Albane Imbert answered on 15 Oct 2021:

      I work in research, focusing on biomedical science. I guess it makes me a scientist

    • Photo: Nigel Fisher

      Nigel Fisher answered on 18 Oct 2021:

      One of the definitions of scientists is that they utilise the scientific method. That is they produce theories that can be rigorously tested. So following this definition my answer is a yes as I am involved in hypothesising on how the Woods work.

    • Photo: Rui Gonçalves

      Rui Gonçalves answered on 30 Nov 2021:

      what is to be a scientist? if a chef is someone that knows how to pick groceries, cooking techniques, a bit of food science and that cooks professionally; then a scientist is someone that observes the world around, questions things about the world (e.g. biology and nature), defines some hypothesis about those questions (things that we dont yet know), make predictions and then goes and develops methods and techniques to test those predictions in a reproducible, replicable systematic way; then analyse the data and try to interpret the results to see if they help explaining/support the predictions you made (or not) and ultimately reporting these results in the most unbiased and transparent way possible by publishing the results to be peer-review….then yes I guess I am a scientist. But you can also be curious about things, question them, make hypothesis and experimentally test them and you dont have to be a professional scientist. I guess all of us have a bit of a scientist within.