• Question: have u been to the desert

    Asked by anon-331401 on 26 Jun 2022. This question was also asked by anon-331411.
    • Photo: Alison Ryder-Cook

      Alison Ryder-Cook answered on 26 Jun 2022:

      Yes. In 2006 and 2008, a friend and I set off in a 4×4 vehicle and travelled down through Spain to Morocco and the Sahara desert. On the first trip, we travelled through the Atlas mountains to Zagora in the Sahara, which is mostly sand dunes and camels and Tuareg tribesmen, who dress in long blue robes and have camel racing festivals. . On the second trip, we drive down the western coast of Morocco to Western Sahara, which is a desert by the sea. It looks like a gravelly moonscape, very little sand, and hardly anybody lives there except wild camels and flamingos on the beaches. Both areas are very different.

    • Photo: Patrick Campbell

      Patrick Campbell answered on 27 Jun 2022:

      Only on holiday to Egypt to see the pyramids