• Question: how old were you when you first got a job? what was it?

    Asked by anon-315110 on 9 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Gary Brannan

      Gary Brannan answered on 9 Mar 2022:

      I was 16, and I worked Saturday afternoons in a local library.

    • Photo: Fiona Travers

      Fiona Travers answered on 10 Mar 2022:

      I think I was about 16 and I had a job working in a warehouse packing orders for a book company.

    • Photo: Nigel Fisher

      Nigel Fisher answered on 10 Mar 2022:

      I was 18 and worked at the Land Registry. Basically painted maps!

    • Photo: Elena Field

      Elena Field answered on 19 Apr 2022:

      I was 16 – I was a bus monitor for my school during term, then I worked in an ice cream shop over summer.